J. H. Slattery Insurance Agency, Inc.

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J. H. Slattery Insurance Agency, Inc.
. Our History .

J. H. Slattery Insurance Agency, Inc.. About Agency

            On a rainy Friday morning in October 1931, Joe Slattery was very disappointed to learn that the American Railway Express Congress Street office in Boston, where he worked as office manager, was about to close.


            He decided to have lunch at Guyson’s Lunch, his regular stop, to say “Goodbye” to the lunchtime crowd.  Guy Gulino, the proprietor, asked “What’s the matter, Joe? You look like you’ve lost your last friend.”  Joe explained, “It’s worse that that, Guy.  I’ve just lost my job.” Guy said, “What are you going to do?”  Joe replied, “Maybe I’ll start an insurance agency.  My

cousin, Fred, has made a pretty good living at it.” Guy responded, “If you do, I’ll be your first customer.”  And with that exchange, the Slattery Insurance Agency was born.


            Now, some sixty-nine years later, J. H. Slattery Insurance Agency, Inc., still continues in business, carrying forth the same principles established by Joseph H. and Catherine J. Slattery in 1931.  “Give value for money.” and  “Treat each customer with dignity.” And yes, members of the Gulino family are still agency clients, five generations of them to be exact.


            Now, as we enter a new millennium, the agency continues to thrive.  In May of 2016, the Slattery agency joined forces with Amos A. Phelps & Son Insurance of Rockland.  Both family founded and community focused agencies, the marriage is a natural fit.   


            The Slattery and Phelps families wish to extend their gratitude to the generations of clients who have so generously favored us with their patronage during these past sixty-nine years.  We are grateful for the privilege you have granted us and look forward to continued service to you and the South Shore community. 

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